NDT Testing & Inspection Services

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

We are specialized in Flaw detection of piping, pressure vessels, structural parts. We are using latest world standard equipment for the inspections.

We are having EPOCH 650 Digital ultrasonic flaw detector, AC (OLYMPUS)

Gamma Radiography Testing (RT):

We are specialized in Radiographic Inspection by using of Gamma ray inspection piping, pressure vessels, castings with Iridium 192, Cobalt 60 & Selenium 75 sources.

ChiArRo is engaging our sub-contracting company such as qualified to perform RT inspection in our projects.

X-ray Radiography Testing (RT):

We are providing X-ray inspection as per client request for the special material weld joints.

Penetrant Testing (PT)

We are doing Surface breaking discontinuity inspection of welding, casting, structural members etc.

Magnetic particle Testing (MT)

We are doing Surface and near surface inspection on welding joints.

Visual Testing (VT)

We are specialisation in videography camera and video inspection of difficult access areas like piping and pressure vessel internals.